Work Day Essentials #16 – Matt

by on July 11, 2017

We all have something we can reach for during the day to help us get the job done. This week, our Director of Sales Matt shares with us his Work Day Essentials — the items he needs for a productive work day.

And here’s what Matt told us about his items:

Phone — As the Director of Sales, I always have my phone on me to talk to clients…

Car Keys — My car gets me to and from meetings throughout the day, but I can’t use it without the keys!

Bunny Slippers — When I’m not in front of clients, I like to relax a bit. Bunny slippers are the perfect way to relax in the office.

Wedding Ring — Besides being a symbol of my marriage, it’s also perfect for fidgeting while I am on the phone. #originalfidgetspinner

Red Plastic Cup (feat. Water) — Gotta stay hydrated and what better way than with a red plastic cup full of water?

Sunglasses — Whether I am in the car running back and forth to meetings or pacing around the parking lot talking on the phone, I always need my shades to block the sun.

Thanks for sharing, Matt!

Tune in next week for another peek at our team’s Work Day Essentials.

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