Work Day Essentials #18 – Neil

by on July 25, 2017

Everyone needs something to get through the day. In our final round of this series, our Director of Business Development Neil shares his Work Day Essentials, a list of must-have items for a productive work day.

And here’s what Neil had to say about his picks:

Muscle Milk & Cups of CoffeeMy morning starts out with a protein shake that fits comfortably in my cup holder or next to the keyboard so that my other hand is free for no less than 16oz of coffee to give me the pick-me-up I need for the day.

Jerky & Roasted Almonds Since I rarely get a moment to take a break, nuts and jerky go a long way to keep me moving throughout the day.

Thanks for sharing, Neil!

And thanks to you for following along with our series! If you missed any parts or want to go back and relive the best moments, browse through the Work Day Essentials tag to see all entries.


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