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New Sign for the Office

We got a new sign for the building! It’s simple, slick, and a lot bigger than our last sign, so you can read it on the street. It looks really pretty against the red, too. Our new sign was installed by Slick’s Graphics, out of Morrisville. They were quick and friendly, giving us exactly what… Read More

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, and a Few Extra Bucks

Why it’s a good idea to hire a photographer when updating your website. On a daily basis I am searching high and low on my list of affordable stock photography websites looking for the “it” image for one of my customers’ designs. After about an hour of sifting through a few hundred thousand images and… Read More

Design & Development

Getting Organized

Everyone in the office can agree that I am the most meticulous, direct, organized person of the group (and possibly in all of Bucks County). I like things in order, on schedule, done right, and perfected… I mean, who doesn’t? Working in the web design industry has given me plenty of experience working with local… Read More

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Burlington County Times Feature

Recently, I had an interview with Burlington County Times who ran an article about my entrepreneurial background and that start of Inverse Paradox. Check out the article on by clicking here or just read below! She’s wise beyond her years By: KATE FRATTI I was headed to meet a graphic artist in her 20s.… Read More

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Your business card is CRAP!

This is all to appropriate for our line of work. httpv://

Design & Development Tips & Tricks

High Vs. Low Resolution

For anyone who has ever been confused about high resolution, low resolution and dpi, you are not alone. Just reading a few of the countless articles out there even on the “basics” can make your eyes get blurry and your head feel like it is going to explode.  As a newcomer to the web design… Read More

Design & Development

The Importance of Branding

Many of the businesses we’ve worked with tend to lack in the branding aspect of their companies. Whether it’s a logo typeset in times new roman, a company name that doesn’t fit with what they have to offer, or an inconsistency in advertising, the look and feel of these companies and brands get lost or… Read More

Design & Development Tips & Tricks

World Phucking Champions

On October 31, 2008, Chase Utley, Second Baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, said one of the most memorable quotes in sports history regarding his team’s 2008 World Series Win. “World Fucking Champions!” Well said sir. No apologies needed! To commemorate this occasion, I have designed a limited edition series of t-shirts in honor of the… Read More

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