Settings for WordPress Admins to Avoid

Below is a list of settings / buttons that you should avoid as a non-technical WordPress admin. Delete Menu Found on the “Menu” page under “Appearance”, this button will permanently remove a menu. It will not placed in a recycle bin or put into a revision, it will simply be gone forever. In older versions… Read More

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Hit the Sticks – A Local Game Design Company

Our old intern, Emma, brought a company to our attention this week. Her brother is Chief Engineer at Devon-based game design company, Hit the Sticks. They’re currently in development for their second game. They didn’t start as a game design company, though. When the company was founded back in 2005, they were running online game… Read More

Around the Office Design & Development

Magento Hacks – Saving Attribute Option Values to a Product

You may have tried this before: But you noticed that when you look in the Manage Products admin section, you see this: (Where’s the value I just set?) And if you check the Manage Attributes admin section, you see this: (Where’s my option?) But if you directly call $product->getManufacturer() you will get “AMCE”. The problem… Read More

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WordPress: Pulling Away from the Pack

The race for the #1 content management system is not really close. According to a recent survey by W3Techs, the top three content management systems in use are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. While WordPress is currently used by almost 19% of websites, Joomla and Drupal lag far behind at 3.3% and 2%, respectively. During a… Read More

Design & Development For Everything Else

It amazes me how many people still haven’t heard about —what a wonderful site for all of the handcrafted, vintage and artistic-type items that you used to only find at flea markets and craft shows. For over 8 years, Etsy, based in Brooklyn, NY, has been allowing independent artists and collectors to sell a… Read More

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Job Opening – HTML/CSS + WordPress Developer

UPDATE: THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED – Application details have been removed. Inverse Paradox, a growing Bucks County based creative agency is looking for a full-time, on-site, HTML/CSS + WordPress developer. This position will report directly to our project management team and will be responsible for the front-end development of many ongoing projects. If you’re… Read More

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Breaking the Code

Ladies, we need you. Grab a chair, turn on the computer and start learning some coding. It’s a male dominated world of coding we live in (I’m sure Amanda can attest to that), but we are reaching a point where turning the tides could be monumental for the industry. At least, a bunch of optimistic… Read More

Design & Development

What Makes a Website Successful?

One of the most powerful concepts I’ve learned during my internship at Inverse Paradox is how to create an effective design. Before working here, I approached design in a much different way. Essentially, I would think, “How creative can I be?” After being immersed in an atmosphere with a bunch of talented people, a whole new world… Read More

Design & Development

How to Respond to Negative Comments on Social Media

By now, you’ve probably heard about Amy’s Baking Company, the wreck of a restaurant featured on the popular Gordon Ramsey show, Kitchen Nightmares. Their infamy spread as they began to abuse and berate people who left poor reviews on their Yelp and Facebook pages, cursing and threatening the whole lot. Obviously, this is a very extreme case.… Read More

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Is Your Website Twitter Feed Broken?

Just throwing a note out there to all of our customers.  Twitter’s original API has been retired and they have moved on to a new version of their API.  This will cause a lot of Twitter feeds on websites to stop displaying on many websites. You can read more about the issue here. If you want… Read More

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