Melissa Featured on Threadless!

by on January 15, 2008

Melissa’s T-shirt design expressing the current condition of gun related violence in Philadelphia has been featured as a competitive design for sale through Threadless.

Threadless is a community website of graphic designers that compete to have their T-shirt designs featured as a sale item through the website. Winning this competition means that her T-shirt design will become commercially available to the whole world; not to mention, she will receive a small prize for her efforts.

The way Threadless decides what T-shirts are produced is by the community voting on the shirt using a 1 through 5 rating system. We are asking all of our clients, collaborators, and friends to vote on this design by visiting Threadless today!

Simply go to and register for an account. It takes only a few minutes. Then activate your account by clicking the link Threadless sends in your e-mail to verify your identity (it may go to your SPAM folder). From there, login to the website and go to this link: or simply do a search for “End Murder” after clicking the “Participate” link on the top of the home page. Finally, give the shirt a 5!

Your help in getting this shirt to the winner’s circle is greatly appreciated. Act fast. Voting only takes place for another 6 days and over 350 people have already voted.

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